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It Stinks!

The skunks were a huge hit!  It doesn't stink getting older!  Thanks for the giggles!

A 13th Birthday She will never forget!

She LOVED it!
Thank you for helping us make her 13th birthday one she'll never forget 

Made me smile all day long!


Kathy, Thanks!
So sorry it was cold and rainy/snowy! Can't thank you enough. Just thinking of the flamingos on his lawn has made me smile all day.

It's not easy being green or 50!

What a great surprise for Maura this morning… really put a smile on her face… and the neighborhood youngsters are dropping in to check out the frogs. Who knows… you may get some business from this.

Was going to call you but couldn’t locate your number.

Thanks again! See you tonight.


A very special 10th anniversary!

My wife (& kids) loved the flamingos and hearts that you set-up in our yard
for our 10th anniversary. I imagine that you will be hearing from some of
our neighbors, quite a few stopped by to ask us about the display.

My wife was actually working in the back of the house while you were there.
When I had not heard from her by 2:00, I called and asked her to look on
the front porch for a package I was expecting to be delivered. When she
opened the door she started cracking up!

Our 2 and 5 years olds loved the flamingos, but our dog was a little
freaked out by them.

Thanks again,

Linda was speechless!

Just wanted to let you know that the penguin display was a huge success. Linda was very surprised & said she wasn’t speaking to any of us! Ha Ha! It was great!

Thanks again!


We Turned 60!!!!

Happy Birthday storks

What a great stork display to celebrate my husband and my 60th birthday. It was so great to have the storks out for a whole week!!!!! We felt so special!!!

We Love Teachers!

Dear Owners of Stork Landing,
It made my year to come home during “Teacher Appreciation Week” to find my front yard filled with pink flamingos and a five foot sign that said “Thanks for being a great Teacher”. I was so surprised and I’ll never forget how appriciated I felt by such a unique and awesome display of affection by one of my students. Thank you so much for being a part of the lovely thought – I’ve never felt so appreciated.
Than you so much,
Debbie D.

The Smileys were a huge hit!!!

The smiley faces where a great hit….Robert and the neighbors enjoyed them!!
Thanks again,

A permanent landscaping feature???!!!!!

Ah, good memory! You brought me a herd of cows for my birthday back in October. My boys thought it was the coolest thing ever and I very much enjoyed watching the neighbors slow down as they drove by to see what was happening in my front yard. Probably wondering if our newest landscaping feature was permanent!

What a fun job you have :-) Thanks!!


He cracked up!!!!

He cracked up when he pulled up to the house. It was especially good because he had such a bad day at work.

Thanks so much!!!!!

My pictures turned out soooooo good!

Nice to meet you Kathy! I took some photos that I can send you for your website. The stork looked really good against the green lawn and front of that big tree, so the pictures turned out good too.
Take care,
P.S. Claire was one of my picks for my niece’s name!

She lit up like a Christmas Tree!

Great job! Perfect timing! The stork and balloons are wonderful! My wife Misty lit up like a Christmas tree when we drove home and first saw the stork! Both she and Hannah are doing fantastic! Misty hasn’t had a chance to fully investigate the gift basket yet, but it looks lovely too! Today we will try to get my Mom (who is staying with us to help out) to take a picture of all three of us with your stork!
Be well, Dave

Grandparents are awesome!

I wanted to send you a picture of our new family with our stork. I was really surprised to see the stork in our yard when we arrived home. It made me cry. I was really happy that my parents did that for me. It made my coming home much better.

Stork Magic!

It took me a few days but I finally got the proud parents to come outside for a photo shoot. Tom and Nichole loved the stork and I am so glad that you were able to work some magic and get it on the front yard before they got home. You must love what you do for people. It brought joy to the whole neighborhood. I smile every time I pass by it and will be sorry to see it go. Enjoy the pictures and let me know if I can ever do anything to make your day.

Take care.


Jill was filled with joy!!!

Happy New Year. Seeing you reminded me of this video
clip I meant to send earlier. Just a snapshot at the
joy the stork display brought Jill when I brought her
and Natalie home from the hospital. Try not to focus
on the fact that I was driving through the
neighborhood while videotaping ;-)



Happy Sweet 16!!!!

Liz really enjoyed the display.

Jim and Mary

She was FLOORED!!!!

She was FLOORED because we did it early. She didn’t have a clue. I wanted to take photos when she got out of her car BUT I was stuck on the phone with a board member. She said all she kept saying was NO, no, NOOOOOOO.

We had way too much fun with it and it looked so great in front of our building.


Flocks of Love!

Thank you so much! The display looks great! People have been slowing down to admire your work and honking for my friend Kathy’s 40th. She was truly surprised to find her yard covered in ‘birds’ as she came back home from her trip to NY.

I know it was a miserable day, with the wind and rain, and I truly
appreciate the quality you provide your customers!

Suzanne G.

Welcome Braxton Gage!

Baby with stork
Braxton Gage in front of his stork.

Hello Kathy,

We rented a Stork the first week of May to welcome our son into the world. The appearance and placement and removal were flawless. As you can see from the pictures Braxton enjoyed the view and Mom and Dad enjoyed showing the new addition to the family!!

Thanks and enjoy the pictures

Tom & Emily & Braxton