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Buzzard Phrases


  • Happy Flocking 50th Birthday, John, you old Buzzard!
  • John, You Old Bird!  
  • Rockin and Flockin at 50!
  • Buzzard Buzzard Go Away (Name) is only 60 today!
  • We flew in to wish Sam a happy 40th B-Day!
  • He’s no old buzzard but (Name) is (Age) today! Happy Birthday!
  • Honk for Joe, he’s a 30 year old buzzard!
  • Happy B-Day, you old bird!
  • Happy flocking B-Day you old buzzard!
  • We’re circling for Susan’s 30th!
  • Flocks of love on your (age) birthday (name).
  • Feather you like it or not, it’s your (age) bird-day, (name)
  • (Name) – a little birdie told us you’re (age)!
  • You honk, we’ll flap for (name’s) (age) B-Day!
  • Look Alive! Here come the buzzards for (name)
  • You know it’s (name’s) B-Day when the buzzards start circling