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Yard sign rental terms and conditions

 Stork Landing will be closed for deliveries August 18 through August 21!!!

Delivery: Deliveries are generally scheduled between 9:00am and 3:00pm, Monday through Saturday (with the exception of holidays or unexpected circumstances). Special arrangements can be made in advance if needed by calling 703.390.9000.

Payment: Payment is required at the time of delivery. We accept all major credit cards. Your card will not be charged until the delivery is made. Special arrangements can be made if you would prefer to pay by cash or check by calling 703.390.9000.

Returns: A full refund will be made for orders cancelled with 24 hours notice. If we make an error we will work with you to resolve the error in a timely manner at no cost to you. Refunds will not be made if an order is refused by the recipient or other member of household. Refunds will not be provided to orders where the recipient or other member of household requests an early pick-up.

Damage or loss: Our signs are sturdy and built to withstand the weather. You are not liable for any damage that may occur due to the weather. On rare occasions, we will contact you in the event of a weather emergency regarding the care of the sign (e.g. tornado warnings, wind advisories greater than 40 miles per hour, etc.)

If excessive damage is found due to circumstances other than weather you may be charged a fee commensurate with the damage. If parts, signs, or display items are missing you may be charged an appropriate loss fee.

Errors: Of course if we make an error we will work with you to resolve the error in a timely manner at no cost to you. Occasionally the customer provides us with erroneous information and makes us aware of the error after the delivery has been made. In these cases we will work with you to resolve the error, however, additional fees will apply. For example, if a corrected sign is needed, we can deliver the following day and the orderer will be charged a redelivery and/or materials fee. If we are given an incorrect address, an additional delivery charge will be added for delivery to second location.

Sign Placement: We consider a number of factors when we place the sign or display in your yard. We survey the neighborhood to identify a location that will be most visible to passersby. We also consider placement according to variables such as wind and soil conditions.

Please contact us if you have a specific location where you would like us to place the display. If a location was not specified by you and you would like us to move the display we will charge an additional redelivery fee.