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  • Shining Star
  • Shining Star

Shining Star

Product description

 Celebrate the "STAR" in your life!!  A yard full of black, yellow, and red stars to twinkle for your celebration!

Best for:  birthdays and graduations, .

Also good for: promotions, announcements, and anniversaries.

Includes: approximately 25 to 30 yellow, black, and red stars scattered throughout the yard for a 24 hour period. A personalized sign with the message of your choice. Pick-up and delivery.

Here are some fun phrases!

Thank your lucky stars 40 is the new 20!
•(Name) is still a super star at (age)
•Am I seeing stars or is (Name) really (age)
•At (age) (Name) is still my shining star
•Best birthday wishes (Name) on your (age) birthday
•You're still a superstar at age 50! Happy Birthday (name)!
•I'm seeing stars! (name) is (age)